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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design India

At very beginning separate the analog, RF and digital parts of your system and try to design the PCB Design Service India without mixing them. In similar separate the RF stages such as VCO, Amplifier and etc and no line should be drawn in between them:

1) If possible use multilayer PCB Design Service India and if your PCB Design Service India comprises only two layers, the top layer must be for the power stage, RF signal lines and RF components while the bottom layer must be the ground plane.

2) The length of the lines which carry RF signals is too significant problems. They must be at least 1/20 length of the PCB Design Service India wavelength. So that PCB Design Service India loss is minimized. Suppose, when we calculate for 433 MHz:

If longer line is required, then impedance PCB Design Service India matching with L and C components must be applied at the end of the line.

To minimize the noise, draw the power PCB Design Service India lines among two ground layers. There must be PCB Design India completely a ground layer under the layer which comprises the RF signal lines.

4) RF signal lines must be drawn quite separately. 

5) Least number of vias is used in RF stage.

6) The ground pins of the RF ICs must be PCB Design Service India connected to the ground plane with short length by using vias. You can utilize multiple vias to decrease the unnecessary possessions of the ground.

7) After finishing all the layers, pack the empty PCB Design Service India spaces with copper pour which is connected to the ground. Place vias which are connected to the ground layer having PCB Design Service India the space of λ/20 cm to each other.

8) The proper corner drawings are shown in the bellow figure:

9) T shaped nodes must be similar to the following:  

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