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In every device electric is not used in as usual as it gets supply or it was produced or distributed. So technically all electronic system need to convert the current into other form.  An electronic PCB Design Service India device which converts the electric energy from any source to a given load using electronic circuits is named as Power Supply.

A most typical application of a power PCB Design Service India supply is to change utility AC voltage into regulates DC voltage needed for electronic equipment. Today, almost all power sources the energy flow is PCB Design Service India controlled with power semiconductors which happens regularly switch on and off with high frequency. This type of devices is known as PCB Design Service India switch mode power supply (SMPS). The switchers offer greater efficiency compared to linear supplies since a switch allow very low losses with energy flow controlled by a switch means when a switch is off, it totally stops flow of the power. So, in the switch the power rakishness that is the product of voltage and current can be PCB Design Service India relatively low in both states. Switch mode power supply (SMPS) are also smaller in size and lighter in weight owing to the decreased PCB Design Service India size of submissive components and lower heat generation. As the demand of the small size of devices with more PCB Design Service India efficient and lower the power uses have let he switcher the dominant type of power supply across practically the full spectrum of application.

Mainly SMPS is divided into four categories in PCB Design Service India respect o the form of input and out put voltages: AC to DC, DC to DC, AC to AC and DC to AC. AC to DC is also known as PCB Design India of-line DC power supply, DC to DC is called as voltage or current converter and AC to AC is called frequency PCB Design Service India changer or cycloconverter and DC to AC inverter.

The field of engineering which deals with the design and analysis of power conversion circuits and devices is known as power electronics.

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